SAVE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS! Most families spend $75 to $200 a month or more on cable and satellite TV which comes out to $900 to $2,400 a year! This may not even include the premium channels, pay for views, or what you spend to see the latest movies at the theaters! At the same time, you are greatly increasing your viewing options, for less cost! Think of all the money you will save on cable and satellite bills, theatre tickets, pay-per-view movies, sports, movie and TV series rentals, DVDs, and the expensive snacks and drinks at the theatre!

NO MONTHLY CHARGES! The Infinity Pro 4k TV Box retails just for a one-time cost! If you become a representative (which is free to do so) or purchase multiple units, it cost even less!

GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE AND SUPPORT! Visit us at Facebook.com/buynow.net for more information, videos, tutorials, and Frequently Asked Questions. The unit comes with a 90 day warranty. No Refunds.